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I have been beautifully wrecked by the grace and goodness of the Lord.
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"Our speech should reek of grace and be seasoned with salt.”

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I really can’t believe it’s moving day for our wonderful friends. Michael and I are so blessed to be able to help them. Here’s to lots of coffee on our way to Petersburg, Virginia.

Have a delightful Saturday, everyone! Leave me some messages. :)

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Hey all!

Michael and I spent the night helping our friends pack up their uhaul and tomorrow morning we’ll be helping them move. Keep safe travels in prayer please!

And Coffee With Summer’s official launch will be on Sunday! :)

"How would you ever learn unconditional love if you were married to someone who met all the conditions? How would you ever learn mercy, patience, longsuffering, heartfelt compassion if you were married to someone who never failed you, who was never difficult with you, who never sinned against you, who was never slow to acknowledge their sin or ask for forgiveness? How would you ever learn grace to pour out your favor on someone who did not deserve it if you were married to someone who was always deserving of all good things? The main purpose of marriage is that, through your marriage, you become conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. Marriage, I believe, is the greatest instrument of sanctification.”
— Paul Washer

Accepting someone as they are and approving of their actions are two completely different things - the Church seems to get the two confused.

We are called to love and accept each other, like Jesus does. Now just because we are called to love doesn’t mean we should forget that we are called to proclaim truth, as well. I think there are many of us Christians who fit into that category, but there also many of us who fit into the category of saying the truth without love, too.

If you are truly loving someone you cannot hold back the truth from them, and when you’re teaching someone the truth, you must do so in love and grace on your tongue.

So you see, we need to be extending love and proclaiming truth together. You cannot just have one or the other; you need both attributes for them to be effective. 

Just something that’s been on my heart a lot lately and something we should all be thinking about.

"Grace is wild. Grace unsettles everything. Grace overflows the banks. Grace messes up your hair. Grace is not tame.”
— Doug Wilson