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My name is Summer Breeze.
~lover of Grace and crazy in love with this man.♥ coffee drinker | blogger | dancer | thinker | encourager | overcomer
*Always be fearlessly authentic*

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Tonight is our spring showcase for the dance ministries. I am super excited to have put this event together! I am also super anxious, haha. If you could just keep the event in prayer, along with all of us dancers and other special guests that will be performing - that’d be wonderful. Pray for energy/stamina, remembrance, and for no injuries to occur. Thank you all so much! <3

"God! I need grace bigger than my mouth! I need mercy that resounds ten thousand times as loud. I need redemption that rings clearer than my distortion.
I need you.”
— Levi Macallister 

Faith Grows With Use


"…Yet you do not have because you do not ask." -James 4:2

It was a saying of George Mueller that faith grows with use. If we would have great faith we must begin to use the little faith we already have. Put it to work by reverent and faithful praying, and it will grow and become stronger day by day. Dare today to trust God for something small and ordinary and next week or next year you may be able to trust Him for answers bordering on the miraculous. Everyone has some faith, said Mueller; the difference among us is one of degree only, and the man of small faith may be simply the one who has not dared to exercise the little faith he has.

According to the Bible, we have because we ask, or we have not because we ask not. It does not take much wisdom to discover our next move. Is it not to pray, and pray again and again till the answer comes? God waits to be invited to display His power in behalf of His people. The world situation is such that nothing less than God can straighten it out. Let us not fail the world and disappoint God by failing to pray. 

"Lord, I think I can do that! I know my faith needs to grow, but today I’ll exercise what faith I have and anticipate that growth and stretching. Amen."

"I have held many things in my hands and have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God’s hands, that I still possess.”
— Martin Luther