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I’m going to be blunt here.

I’m getting really sick of all of this hullabaloo concerning theology, beliefs, and what not. You all are being so dramatic, it’s disgusting. We need to mind our own business, okay? There are differences in theology, yes. Why? Theology is just man’s attempt to understand this relationship between God and man. There will be flaws. To those debating theology, that is perfectly fine, as long as it is done in a correct and loving manner. There is no need to belittle each other. And to those complaining about those debating theology, be quiet, please. You’re not making anything any better with your smart remarks. Just because you don’t care about theology or discussing different beliefs, doesn’t mean that others are wrong to look into those things. I love you all, seriously. I just think everything is being blown up for the stupidest reasons. 

Let’s take our focus off of this crap and realign it back to our Lord.

*deep breathe* sigh.

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