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Unpopular Opinion.

It really bugs me when people call God, “daddy.” Just, no that’s weird. I feel like it takes away from His majesty with referring to Him as that. God is our Heavenly Father, not daddy. 

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  4. renaiss8ncegirl said: I totally get what your saying! I think its just a way for some ppl 2 connect intimately with God, to know that he’s that close we can call him daddy. I tried it, felt weird to me too lol, but for some ppl it helps I guess.
  5. faythwalker said: In its most literal translation Abba means “daddy” more than Father. It would be an expression a 6 year old might say when running to see their father coming in from the fields after a day’s work. God’s majesty is shown in many of His names, but his proximity to us in love…
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  7. dismantlerepaired said: BAHAHAHAHA I thought I was the only one who had a hard time with this.
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    What about Abba? That’s the same type of thing.
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  14. elleinwonderland said: Sorry to copy all the other commenters who have agreed that it’s unpopular, but seriously, what I call God is between me, and Him. Other people don’t get a say.
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  16. tothefountain said: I think it depends on the way He comes to us (Lion or Lamb)
  17. living-loved said: That’s why many of the people were surprised when Jesus used “abba” because it wasn’t like Father or “Heavenly Father,” instead it was like saying “daddy” or even “dada.” I think it just shows how personal we can be with God honestly.
  18. joyseph said: I’ve never heard anyone call Him ‘daddy.’ That just sounds so creepy, never mind arguments about being respectful or not! Haha it’s just weird!!
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    Well no wonder that’s unpopular. God is a personal God. Yes, He is majestic, but He is also a loving father to His...
  20. darnellclayton said: Abba=Daddy/Father in Hebrew. See Romans 14:26 or Galatians 14:26 Honestly it doesn’t matter if it bothers us. The question is does it bother God? From what I can gather, “No.”
  21. byhis-stripes said: finally, someone who understands me!